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Postby magicandmeg » Mon 4 Apr, 2011 08:42

hi i really want to start to smoke but i dont know how bad it is for people with cf and i just want to know :?:
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Postby telamere » Mon 4 Apr, 2011 10:25

I'm afraid its really, really bad for you. Cf lungs can't clear the mucus out properly and if you start smoking the lungs respond by making more mucus. This increases your risk of infections because there is more gunk down there for it to breed in. Also its much harder to clear infections when you have them. Plus in the case of dope it can contain a lot of fungus so you could get permanent fungal infectiosn from it.

The upshot is that your lungs will have to struggle much harder, an asthma problems will be made much worse and your lungs will get damaged much quicker than if you didn't smoke. But most importantly when your lungs get bad and it becomes essential that you give up you might not be able too. And people who smoke can't have oxygen at home and won't be accepted onto the transplant list if they think you are smoking. Smoking can often be a creepign addiction so people think its ok to smoke because they can do without for a week or so, so they carry on. But then it hits a sudden tip over point when it becomes extremely hard to give up. And you never know when that will happen. I've warned several people about that when they started and they all said to me years later that they wished they'd listened.

And I know too people who managed to get transplants even though they had damaged their lungs smokign. They both stupidly went back to smokign after they recovered and they both went on to die of mysterious fungal infections. Which they probably picked up from smokign skunk.

So, the reality is if you become a regular smoker it will shorten you life. And you will spend an uncomfortable amoutn of you time with a tight chest having breathing problems.

I know it can be hard wanting to join in but its really not worth it. I stupidly dabbled in smoking spliffs when I was a teenager and I really regret it. Fortunately after I developed a serious cough despite my lungs being in great condition at the time I realised I was being stupid and stopped before I did myself any permanent damage. I only found out later that I could have caught aspergillous from it and I could have been stuck with that for life with serious consequences from my stupidity.

So from personal experience I would say avoid it liek the plague. If I'd carried on there is no way my lungs would be in a good condition at 44.

Teresa X
All advice is my best guess scenario based on my knowledge and experience. Please discuss my suggestions with the appropriate medical professional (though I thought that went without saying).
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Postby softie » Mon 4 Apr, 2011 15:48

Basically, if you have CF but stay away from smoking then you have a good chance of living an almost normal life.

Smoking causes inflammation in the lungs, which causes lungs damage, which in turn kills most people, eventually. Before that, it makes them slower, less fit, and poorer. (You have seen how expensive smoking is, yes?)

CF causes inflammation of the lungs, which causes lung damage, which in turn kills most of us, eventually.

Smoking AND CF creates HUGE amounts of inflammation, which causes rapid lung damage, which kills the people who smoke a lot more quickly than just CF does. And before it kills them it makes them very, very ill, much sooner than CF might.

If you have CF and you smoke then you will only be able to live a normal life for a very short time. After that it's just hell all the way.

It's your choice. Be sensible, or be foolish. You choose!

Take care, look after yourself,

Don't trust me, ask a doctor!

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Postby Sophie_CF » Mon 4 Apr, 2011 19:05

Why do you want to smoke anyway? It's not really good for your lungs
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Postby magicandmeg » Tue 5 Apr, 2011 11:47

bacicly i hang round with smokers and i love the smell im in the middle of it all i want to die and i want to live ive done self harm and it less painfull to smoke i just want to go. that how down i am at the moment. also my mate knows what im goin tho and she said if i start she is goin to kill me anyway. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Postby telamere » Tue 5 Apr, 2011 12:42

Yeah, but its not just a question that smokign will kill you quicker than just having CF. If you are not enjoying life now because of all the tablets and hospital smoking will just make sure you spend more time sick and in hospital. And by the time it does do enough damage that you might die (same goes from thje insulin) you might actually want to live but then it will be too late and you'll have to live with the consequences of your stupidity.

Everyobody goes through a period when they think 'oh well why bother if I'm going to die anyway' but its very misleading. When I smoked the life expectancy was only 19 and thats why I messed up. But you know what? It was rubbish, I shouldn't have listened to everyone tellign me I was goign to die. I'm in excellent condition at 44. Now the predicted life exectancy is 38.5, which means half the people who die off CF are older than 38. The oldest person in the country with CF is in their 80's. If you look after yourself you can do whatever job you want to do and have a family,

You're friend is right, she obviously loves you and wants you to stay around so you should listen to her. Gettign depressed because of CF is perfectly normal, CF can be very depressing. Especially when you get to your age and start to relaise the long term implications. But you need help for depression and I'm sure your hospital will be glad to provide it.Not takign your drugs , insulin and smokign won't kill you soon, it will just make sure the quality of life you have is awful so you can't enjoy your teenage years.

What are your lungs like, do you spend much time in hospital?
All advice is my best guess scenario based on my knowledge and experience. Please discuss my suggestions with the appropriate medical professional (though I thought that went without saying).
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Postby softie » Tue 5 Apr, 2011 13:29


You sound very, very depressed.

The thing about depression is that it is a total lie. The depression makes you feel bad, and to see only bad stuff - illness, death, and pain. It stops you seeing good stuff - laughter, life, and joy. But the good stuff is there, you just have to learn how to see it again.

It helps to think of the depression as an enemy. And it is an enemy you can BEAT! Ask the doctors to help. I am sure they have been trying to help for a while now, but you haven't been ready to accept their help.

Wishing you lots of strength and luck. Take care, look after yourself,

Don't trust me, ask a doctor!

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Postby TMG257 » Tue 5 Apr, 2011 15:09

i dont get why you would wanna smoke anyway its just stupid + with cf u would die well easily!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :twisted: :?:
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Postby Chivone » Thu 17 Nov, 2011 10:47

I've dabbled alot with smoking, when I've been drinking,holidays or just stressed mood. But inbetween I could go for days or weeks without one, so I guess I was lucky that way. But god did I feel it the day after, hard to breathe etc.
But 3 months ago I ended up in A&E because I couldnt breathe properly and got put on oxygen (I dont normally use it and my lung function is around 95%) and it got me thinking, whenever I fancy a cig I'll think of how I felt with that oxygen mask on me struggling to breathe.

Basically smoking is a shortcut to that situation.
And if you've not even started DONT START! But I do know exactly how you feel I went thru a very rebellious stage but you end up paying for it later. Any help with depression you can get grab it, its really helped me anyway.
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Postby mikeymikeuk » Sun 20 Nov, 2011 17:57

I have never smoked of even tried it, I didn't want to be a part of "that" crowd.

The one thing not mentioned here yet is cancer. You don't have to wait until you are older to get it, you can get cancer at a young age too.

I lost my Father, Sister in law and finally my Mother to cancer. It is horrific to watch family members deteriorate in a matter of months!!

If you have ever seen the history channel and survivors of Auschwitz where they look like human skeletons, sorry to be graphic but that's the last image I saw of my Mother and Father!

It sounds like you are going through a bad time and there is good advice given on here. Do ask for help from you parents, doctor or CF team. There are people happy to help and advise in your moment of need.

I hope things go well for you

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Postby britneypops2 » Sun 10 Jun, 2012 14:13

i really dont think you should start smoking'even though your friends do it its not nice'its going to give u a shorter life' really dont think you should do it'thats just y thought though. :)
hello'my name is britney i was diagonosed with cystic fibrosis when i was 2months'iv had 6 operations if u want to ask me about them fell free ......
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Postby Cherrybee » Mon 23 Jul, 2012 13:35

Don't smoke it is bad for your lungs. My brother smokes and I bet he can't stop. once you started it is very hard to stop. so I would not bother. I know some of my friends had oncer and tried to stop they managed it but took a lot of effort. from Cherrybee
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Postby annabellemoore » Wed 5 Sep, 2012 21:30

I always used to come out with suicidle comments, still do sometimes because cf isn't great. But i think deep down i didn't mean it, for the cf parts yes they were horrible but when cf isn't getting in the way (too much) think of the good times you have with your mates and stuff. Plus think of your family and how upset they'd be to even here you speak like this let alone anything else?

Plus science is moving so fast now that I am so hopeful that the cure is around the corner for everyone. And seriously wouldn't you be so angry if you died of something other then cf? I would be. And if the cure came, and it was too late for you because you smoked.... Just think about the future. Your only kidding yourself.

I smoked bits and bobs on social occasions, when I was down or angry, it felt good while doing it but horrible afterwards, I could barely breath and my lung function paid for it dropping from 98% to 56%. Thank god it's now up to 70% and still going up, but some people aren't as lucky. And now I'm older and hopefully a bit more mature, I cannot believe how stupid I was.

Don't smoke, don't be as stupid as I was. I take everyday as a blessing because life is so short but so much fun, why would you want that taken away from you. The world is your oyster, your a teenager, get away with anything, just have fun. Treat everyday like its your last and party hard!

Plus I'm at Papworth hospital and guaranteed everytime I have to stay in I get woken up at 6am by the cf granny's wanting a cup of tea. Life doesn't have to be short for us aslong as we look after ourselves.

Take care
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Postby nik.. » Tue 25 Sep, 2012 21:56

Hello. I'm am a neew mummy to a 6 week old baby girl wcf. I love her to bits as I'm sure your parents do, I'm going to do everything I can to help her stay healthy even if it takes up hours of my time ill do it for her. And when she's older if I ever found out she was smoking I would be SO upset because it would seem like shes throwing it back in my face. Your parents would be so upset if u started smoking, I know I would. II have never smoked and am very glad I haven't as everyone always tells me how young I look, compared to my friends who smoke and have wrikles because of it, not to mention bad breath and yellow teath. Spend your money on getting your hair done or new shoes. Big kiss XX
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Postby kaitlin_anderson » Wed 26 Sep, 2012 14:21

i must be the stupidist person here as i have CF and i smoke
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